Updated feasibility study release on 100 Series Highway Twinning with Tolls

Posted on January 25, 2017

The provincial government has released updated information on a feasibility study on twinning sections of 100 series highways using tolls.   This information will be considered in upcoming public consultations, with the first one tomorrow in New Glasgow.  A section of the 104 between Sutherland’s River and Antigonish, is ranked third.

It’s estimated twinning along that section would mean almost 12 fewer accidents per year.  Audrey Muir of consultant CBCL also offered some additional details on costs and potential tolls for this section at a technical briefing in Halifax today.

Another section between Taylor’s Road and the Canso Causeway is ranked 5th.  Two other local sections between St. Peter’s to Sydney is 7th and from Port Hawkesbury and Port Hastings is 8th.

Provincial Transportation Department spokesperson Bruce Fitzner say  feedback from the 12 public sessions and online will be considered by government when a final decision is made.

At the public consultations, the public will be asked their opinions on the current condition of the 100 series highways.  They will also be asked whether they think twinning is the only option to improve the highways  and if they would support paying tolls to get the roads built sooner.

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