RCMP: Don’t learn the lesson the hard way

Posted on September 9, 2013

It’s that time of year when Antigonish’s population more than doubles with the return of StFXU students. This influx brings energy and vibrancy to the town with an increase in shoppers at local stores, more events and activities around town, and a more colourful nightlife. Off campus, late night student parties often lead to excessive drinking, elevated noise levels and increased complaint calls to the RCMP. A visit from the RCMP could be a very hard and lasting lesson to learn about the Town of Antigonish’s Noise Control By-Law.
Under the By-Law, from 10 p.m. to 7 a.m., the level of acceptable noise is lowered. If a residence is attended by an RCMP officer as a result of a noise complaint, tenants or homeowners may face a warning or a Summary Offence Ticket. In many instances a verbal warning achieves the desired result and no further action is required. In some instances, the issuance of a Summary Offence Ticket, with a fine value of approximately four hundred dollars is necessary. A fine would make a big dent in most students’ budgets.
If the RCMP has to make multiple visits and the noise continues, they have the option of charging the offenders under the Mischief Section of the Criminal Code of Canada. If the attending officers make the decision to proceed by way of the Criminal Code, the possible outcomes vary and will depend on the decision of the Provincial Court Judge.
Having to go to court on one or possibly two occasions would definitely consume a student’s valuable class or study time. More significantly, a conviction under the Criminal Code of Canada will have a long lasting impact because the individual will now have a criminal record. It could potentially make it difficult to find a job. In today’s climate of due diligence the majority of businesses and volunteer organizations want criminal records checks completed. Even if not convicted on the Mischief charge, the record of the action with the police will be revealed for an extended period of time.
So, students planning an off-campus gathering remember that if the partying continues on after 10:00 p.m. and disturbs neighbors you could be left with more than just a hangover.
Town residents bothered by noise after the Town Noise Control By-Law hours can call the Antigonish RCMP at (902) 863-6500.

A.A. Perry S/Sgt
District Commander Antigonish
(902) 863-6500


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