Naomi Society

Ant CP: Naomi Soicety

At Naomi Society, we know that family and intimate partner violence is impacting our communities. Naomi Society is here to provide support for individuals who experience family and intimate partner violence.

Naomi Society offers a warm and friendly approach where services are free and confidential. Naomi Society offers direct services to both women and children and will provide referral services for men. If you or someone you know needs a supportive, non judgmental, safe environment to discuss your situation, please call or drop in to the Naomi Society. You are not alone.
(902) 863-3807


Angels without wings…
If I could sing a song about the compassion, understanding, caring-helpful way that Naomi Society has helped me and my family – it would be sung from the skies above for all the world to hear. I can’t thank you enough for being there for us. When I thought I would walk this path alone, you were there every step of the way. – Naomi Society Client

Ant CP: Naomi Society