Crime Stoppers

Two Crime Stoppers programs (Mainland and Cape Breton Island) were launched in November 1987 and, like the first Crime Stoppers in Albuquerque, our programs were an immediate success. Since the program’s inception in Nova Scotia we have solved such serious crimes such as murder, aggravated sexual assault, fraud, arson, illegal smuggling and drug dealing. You name it and our anonymous tipsters have solved it. We proudly say that no matter where you live in Nova Scotia, whether you’re served by the RCMP or a municipal police service, Crime Stoppers has played a significant role in identifying criminals and bringing them to justice.

Nova Scotia Crime Stoppers Association is proud of our partnership. This successful combination of resources from the public sector, police community and the media has been an invaluable tool in identifying criminals and bringing them to justice.

Both Crime Stoppers programs have proven their worth many times over to our police and other enforcement agencies.

Mission Statement

Crime Stoppers promotes the reduction of crime through community based effort to provide appropriate authorities with the information needed to lay charges against those responsible.

Crime Stoppers endeavors to encourage the community to assist local law enforcement agencies in the fight against crime by overcoming two key elements that inhibit community involvement: Fear and Apathy.

Our goal is to make our communities a safer place to live and conduct business.

To become a member of the Antigonish Antigonish Crime Stoppers Association – contact the Antigonish RCMP Detachment at 863-6500.

The following reflects the results of the mainland NS Crime Stoppers program from inception to the end of October 2008

Persons Arrested $2,518
Charges Laid $5,528
Cases Cleared $5,086
Property Recovered – $Value $3,660,801
Arson Solved – $Value $1.211.400
Fraud Solved – $Value $322,469
Drugs Seized – $Value $8,348,449
Fugitives Arrested 334
Tobacco/Alcohol $458,428
Proceeds from Crime – $Value $203.316
Awards Paid _ $Value $209,280