Car Sharing explored as an Option in Town of Antigonish

Posted on December 22, 2016

The town of Antigonish is hoping to roll out a new idea that has had great success in larger cities.

Car sharing is an affordable means to get travelling done, without the commitment of owning your own car. This helps cut down on personal driving costs, such as oil changes, insurance, and other maintenance. Car shares have an hourly, daily, or annual rate giving people freedom to use these eco friendly cars whenever necessary.

The idea of car sharing has been brought to the attention of Town Hall by Brynn Nheilly in the municipality’s planning department, who saw great success with the program in Halifax. She says it’s a system that is proven, and can be used effectively in Antigonish:

In order for the plan to work, Nheilly says the town will not be able to do this on its own, and is seeking partnerships within Antigonish. Not only does it benefit the people who utilize Car Sharing, but it is helpful to cut down on congestion of traffic, and puts less wear on our roads. The cars are hybrid vehicles, which helps cut down emissions.



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