Antigonish RCMP Media Release – March is Fraud Prevention Month

Posted on March 2, 2015

March is Fraud Prevention Month: Recognize it, Report it, Stop it

Antigonish RCMP would like to remind the public to be aware of scams and fraudsters. A typical scam that has surfaced in Antigonish County is the Publisher’s Clearing House scam. The fraudster contacts the victim, in many cases a senior and tells them they won the sweepstakes or they are the second place winner. They promise delivery of the winnings; however, en route they get delayed and cannot deliver unless they receive some money from the potential victim. Don’t fall for it! Do not provide anyone credit card information, social insurance numbers or agree to send money in any form to anyone.

Another scam that recently surfaced in our area is owing the Government of Canada back taxes. The fraudsters sound very convincing. They target seniors because typically seniors are very conscientious about outstanding debts and are eager to settle the matter. Again don’t fall for it, hang up and contact Canada Revenue agency yourself through the appropriate 1-800 numbers listed in your phone book.


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